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CrossBooks: We're committed to Christian publishing

CrossBooks is a Christian publishing company presenting a variety of Christian voices into the book market, from established authors to Christian leaders to first-time authors. As an imprint of B&H Publishing Group, the trade publishing division of LifeWay Christian Resources, we are committed to adhering to an unwavering principle of excellence and faith. Our books cover a wide range of topics, including: theology, biblical studies, commentaries, church life, inspiration, fiction, children’s books and devotionals.

Watch Dr. Stephen Drake, the director of pastoral relations for LifeWay Christian Resources, share who should consider publishing with CrossBooks.

Launched in April 2009 by LifeWay Christian Resources, CrossBooks introduced an innovative style of publishing. While our authors contribute monetarily to cover the cost of publishing, we maintain theological and literary standards that every manuscript must meet for us to publish. In order to maintain the high standards of LifeWay, B&H Publishing Group and CrossBooks, trained theological reviewers perform a review on every manuscript we receive.

Blending the best attributes of self-publishing and traditional publishing, we provide an avenue into the world of publishing for more Christians to share their stories.

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