Theological Review: Combining Some of the Best Qualities of Traditional and Self Publishing

Self-publishing companies are steadily gaining popularity among writers with the ongoing flux of the traditional publishing industry. While we certainly commend these companies for providing authors an alternative outlet to getting their work in print, a large portion of self-publishing companies do not screen incoming manuscripts. This means your book could be associated with a company that publishes books that contradict your Christian values, such as vulgar romance novels or violent crime mysteries.

CrossBooks, on the other hand, is different. By performing a Theological Review on every book we publish, we ensure your standards are met and your work is surrounded by books with content that hold similar values to your Christian beliefs. Plus, CrossBooks is the only self-publisher with a direct association with B&H Publishing Group, the trade publishing division of LifeWay Christian Resources, which is one of the world's largest providers of Christian products and services.

How does CrossBooks ensure that titles share the same Christian values?

CrossBooks is committed to providing an avenue into the world of publishing for more Christians to share their stories.

In order to ensure that all of our titles share the same Christian values, we combine the best of both traditional and self-publishing industries with our Theological Review. This vetting process allows us to determine if a manuscript meets the requirements established by our Statement of Faith. Similar to the selectiveness that is held among traditional publishing companies, we vet each manuscript for accordance with our Statement of Faith.

The goal of the Theological Review is not to deny authors from publishing with CrossBooks, but rather to give every CrossBooks author the confidence that their book is theologically sound and associated with a dedicated Christian publisher readers can trust.

How does the Theological Review work?

When you sign up to publish with CrossBooks, your manuscript is submitted to a Biblical scholar affiliated with LifeWay who thoroughly reviews your work to ensure the material is theologically sound and is not in conflict with our Statement of Faith. If it is determined your content follows our standards, the expert will then move your manuscript to the next stage of publishing.

Not all manuscripts submitted to CrossBooks pass the review. Some are flagged because the book content conflicts with our Christian beliefs and morals. In these cases, the author is notified and suggestions are provided to resolve any conflicts where applicable. It is then up to the author to decide if they'd like to change the areas with issues or they are free to publish elsewhere.

How do I benefit from this selection process?

By publishing with CrossBooks, you can make sure your book won't be associated with vulgar content that conflicts with Christian beliefs. On the contrary, you can show readers that your book holds up to their high Christian values and beliefs by putting the official seal on the cover of your book. And, while not the main goal of the Theological Review, it does provide you with an informal fact check on your manuscript's biblical material from a reliable and trusted source.

Theological Review Seal

Books that pass the Theological Review may display the official seal on the cover.

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