Book Publishing FAQs

Can I publish my book with CrossBooks and another publisher, too?

Yes, since you retain the rights to your book, you can publish your materials with another publisher, sell the rights to a movie company, or anything else you wish to do with the material.

We do not have restrictions if your book is currently available through another publisher, or if you wish to publish your book elsewhere in the future.

How much does publishing with CrossBooks cost?

We offer several publishing packages that range in price. Browse your options to find a package that will help you reach your personal goals, or contact our team to discuss your unique situation. You have the ability to recoup your investment through competitive book pricing and royalty earnings. Additionally, there is never any obligation to purchase copies of your own title. Books are printed to order, so you can simply order copies when they are needed without the expense and hassle of warehousing books or the lost revenue of printing unneeded copies.

Should I be aware of any additional publishing costs?

Everything you need to publish a quality book is included in our publishing packages. Of course, we understand that not every book project is the same because every author is unique. Some book projects require special services to prepare the work for publishing while others are more complex and need additional work in order to achieve the author’s vision. We will always discuss with you any additional publishing services that carry charges before performing the service. You can review our available a la carte services to determine if any other publishing services might apply to your project.

Can CrossBooks publish my book if I live outside of the United States?

Yes, authors all over the globe can publish with CrossBooks. We currently have worldwide distribution and printers in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Will I earn royalties?

Absolutely! You will earn a 60% royalty for each book sold. For more detailed information about royalty amounts, payment schedules, and more information on this topic, review our Royalties page.

Will CrossBooks promote my book?

You will be teamed up with a marketing strategist to help get you started on your marketing plan. We offer a substantial amount of promotional services for your book. You may select the level of support you need through our packages and a la carte items. As the author, you are your book’s biggest advocate, but we can definitely help.

Who will be able to purchase my published book?

We make it easy for you to market your book to the public, allowing people all over the world access to your book. All of our packages include channel distribution, which means every book we publish is assigned a unique ISBN and is distributed through the retail channel once published. Because we rely on leading distribution channels, your title will be available for order through thousands of retailers like Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Plus, individuals can purchase your book directly through our bookstore on

What are the first steps to begin the publishing process?

After you have set your book goals and selected a package, you’re ready to submit your book information details and manuscript. Visit our How Does It Work section for more details.

Why do I need Adobe Reader to view my book files?

Adobe Reader is the program used and required to open a PDF file (portable document format). A PDF file is a commonly-used file and ensures that the file will look the same (without shifting) when it is opened on various computers. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download a free copy of the software from The installation wizard will open and lead you through the installation process.

Before I approve my book interior, what do I need to review?

Review everything before you approve your book files. By approving them, you are verifying that the what you see is exactly as you wish your book to appear in the published version, including all aspects of the formatting and content, such as:

  • Text (including grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.)
  • Blank Pages
  • Margins
  • Font Style and Size
  • Paragraph Spacing, Justification, Indents and Scene Breaks
  • Copyright Page
  • Pagination
  • Title Page (the exact title and subtitle, penname, etc.)
  • Table of Contents
  • Headers and Footers
  • Images (Photos, Illustrations, Charts, etc.)
  • Any Additional Features (Index, footnotes, captions, etc.)

Before I approve my cover, what do I need to review?

By approving your cover, you are verifying that the downloaded proof copy is exactly as you wish for it to appear in the published version of your book. This includes all aspects of the design, formatting and content for the cover, such as: the text on the front, back and spine (including grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.); layout and design; font style and size, illustrations, images and captions, paragraph spacing, justification and indents; and title and pen name. Please note that it is possible for some color variation to occur from the version you approve due to differences in monitor quality.

What if I find an error in my galley or cover after I've already signed off and approved it?

As long as your book has not been sent to the printer, we can still make changes. If you find an error and you’ve already approved your cover and galley, please let us know right away. We’re happy to help with any corrections. Additional fees may apply if you’ve already used your allotted number of corrections. Errors found after your book is submitted to the printer will carry an extra resubmission fee in order to correct those issues, in addition to any correction charges that may apply.

How long does it take before a book is available through retailers?

New titles take approximately 30 to 60 days to become available through most bookstores’ databases and systems, and approximately 14 to 21 days to become available through most online retailers. E-books will be available on retail sites within 4 weeks of your book being published. Unfortunately, once a publisher sends your metadata to the distributor, publishers cannot control when a retailer picks up the digital information.

Will CrossBooks published books actually be shelved in bookstores?

It’s possible that CrossBooks titles will appear on the shelves of bookstores, but we cannot guarantee it. It is the decision of the individual retailer and store to purchase copies of a book to stock in their store.

How do I receive my author discount?

Simply contact your marketing strategist when you’re ready to place a book order and we’ll take care of that for you.

Whom can I call to place a volume book order?

If you need to place a volume book order, contact your marketing strategist at (866) 768-9010.

I am a retailer. How do I place a book order?

Retailers will be able to place volume book orders directly through the bookstore. Once you have registered, your retailer discount will be applied automatically when you place orders. (add return bit here)

Where is my old author portal information?

CrossBooks is in the process of updating to new systems that will house your sales and royalty history, so don’t worry, we’ve captured everything for you. Your new royalty statement will be available on August 31, 2014. If you need access to past data in the meantime, just contact us. We will be happy to provide you with a PDF file.

What is an e-book reader and how will it benefit me?

E-book readers are wireless handheld devices capable of downloading an electronic version of a book and making it available for a customer to read anywhere without a physical copy of the book, such as the iPad, Nook, or Kindle. Formatting physical books into e-books gives you as the author another avenue to connect with readers and give them the book they want in the format they want. Companies like Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon have the largest e-book stores in the nation giving readers access to hundreds of thousands of books. More about e-book publishing:

Can I get in touch with CrossBooks if I have other questions?

We’re happy to help. Contact one of our publishing consultants if you have further questions.