Reviews & Testimonials of CrossBooks


“I appreciate that CrossBooks meets me halfway. CrossBooks combines some of the best features of traditional publishing and self-publishing. I didn’t feel as if all the work was left up to me, which can be the case with self-publishing.

At the same time, my input into the cover design, interior layout and other features for my book, The Kingdom According to Jesus, were welcomed, which tends not to be the case with traditional publishing.”

- Rob Phillips, Author of The Kingdom According to Jesus

Reviews & Testimonials of CrossBooks


“It took me 12 years to get my story, Another Chance My Story of Grace, published! I’m so thankful that when I came upon CrossBooks and contacted them about my manuscript, they were very patient with me as it took me eight years to wait for the right timing to publish.

CrossBooks stayed in contact with me and checked with me every several months until God opened the door for me to do it!”

- Susan R. Smith, Author of Another Chance My Story of Grace

Reviews & Testimonials of CrossBooks


“The thought of traditional publishing is daunting to say the least, but self-publishing through CrossBooks is like going on an exciting venture with my own personal guide. Absolutely every step of the journey was explored to my complete understanding and satisfaction. I knew what to expect and when it should occur, and I was very pleased that from start to finish the entire process was completed with professional expertise in a timely manner.

I am the author of a 2-in-1 Bible study, Womanhood: Becoming a Woman of Virtue, which includes an in-depth as well as a condensed version in a flip book suitable for individual study or group setting. CrossBooks did an excellent work of cover designs and flipping the interior. When I received my copies, I could hardly contain my excitement!”

- Rita Kroon, Author of Womanhood: Becoming a Woman of Virtue

Reviews & Testimonials of CrossBooks


“In four and a half months, CrossBooks walked me through a daunting (due to lack of computer knowledge), exciting and rewarding experience by answering all of my emails and calls quickly!

My book, Rahab – My Story, is live! I appreciate each and every person I worked with along the way. Thanks for the encouragement to do what God laid on my heart.”

- Sandy Saia Lombardo, Author of Rahab – My Story

Reviews & Testimonials of CrossBooks


“I had not even thought of taking my manuscript to a traditional publisher simply because I thought, ‘Who am I?’ I had heard that traditional publishing takes two years on average. And I knew God wanted to minister to the hearts and souls of my sisters now. I was on a mission.

That being said, I knew that a title like Redeeming Childbirth could be potentially controversial. CrossBooks would offer a ‘stamp of approval’ in a sense once the manuscript passed their Theological Review. This review became the deal-sealer for me when deciding between self-publishers.”

- Angie Toplin, Author of Redeeming Childbirth